Has a patent-pending sanitary design, toolless maintenance drawer magnet

Finally there's something new in the magnet industry and your hands are all you need to maintain it

Keeps your metalforming process moving

MPI's shakers and conveyors are designed to efficiently and safely remove scrap, maximizing your plants' uptime

Doesn't give a sales pitch

Our audit services are so comprehensive they fulfill HACCP documentation; MPI regional management team are all Certified Food Safety HACCP Managers

Doesn't want you to get screwed by a metal event

We're the complete metal control solution provider offering a full line of magnets, metal detectors, x-ray and checkweigh equipment

MPI | Protecting and Moving the World through Innovation

MPI provides peace of mind by manufacturing reliable industrial magnetic and metal control equipment that removes contaminates, separates or conveys metal in your production process. Learn more

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