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Magnet Audits

Magnetic Products Inc. offers free Magnet Audits. To ensure Magnetic Separators meet the standards and requirements of our industry and our customer base, we offer a detailed audit of all magnetic separation equipment conducted at our client's specific plant locations. These audits serve as HAACP documentation as well as meet plant requirement for QA standards.

The Magnet Audit involves identification of all magnets in a plant. A qualified MPI specialist will work with plant employees to develop a plan for auditing equipment. The MPI specialist will visit the plant and physically inspect each Magnetic Separator and measure its effective strength. An audit inspection report will be developed that identifies the equipment and reports findings. Priorities will be specified and photographs of the equipment will be taken. A formal report is issued shortly after the fieldwork, which provides an overview of the findings, an evaluation of each piece of equipment and a detailed inspection report. Equipment photographs are used as reference points. The findings are formally presented to plant QA personnel to determine if actions need to be taken.

PDF Download Magnet Audit Brochure ( PDF - 234KB)

If you are interested in conducting a Magnet Audit at your plant, please contact our customer service department by Email or by phone at 1-800-544-5930 (U.S./Canada only) or 248-887-5600 (outside U.S. and Canada).

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